10 Reasons to Love Bangtans’ Suga

10 Reasons to Love Bangtans' Suga


10 Reasons to Love bangtans’ Suga

These days, K-pop boy bands or groups are growing very fast. But, there’s a certain group who took the world by storm no other than KPop. Bangtan Boys, Bullet Proof Boy Scouts, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or whatever else you want to call them has magnificently presented themselves as one of the sought-after and best boy bands in today’s generation.

KPop is composed of seven good-looking and talented members. They are Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Rap Monster, J-Hope, and of course, Suga, the group’s swag member.

In the actual fact, lots of Army Stans are falling for this guy because he’s not only a cool and great rapper but an uncomplicated, very straightforward, and honest person. However, if you’re not familiar with or not a fan of Suga then keep on reading. Here, we rounded up 10 reasons why you should love the group’s swagger rapper- Suga otherwise known as Min Yoongi.


Top 10 Reasons to Love Suga

  1. He is a Genius

Suga is sarcastically intelligent who prefers to think realistically and he is also very assertive. This guy has his own reason why he claimed that he is a genius. As a matter of fact, Suga passionately laid a very fierce rap on the song entitled “August D” that takes his talent to a whole new different level with his powerful performance.

  1. His words of wisdom

If you are a huge fan of Suga, then you can’t ditch from his various words of wisdom. Nevertheless, have you ever comprehended how life can be very easy if you do not take it earnestly? Suga would definitely say, “Do not take it hard, losing is just part of the game”.

Another reason to love Yoongi is his truthful and effortless thoughts that sometimes will make you realize how loveable he is. Further, his judgment is cool, simple, and you need to accept it since it is cute.

  1. Suga is actually a cutie every time he mislays his swag

A swag-less Min Yoongi is just a cute Suga being too cute, too playful, and hyper to manage with his slayer “AEGYO” charms. One of the cutest things about Suga is when he acts not to care but the truth is he actually does. On the other hand, this KPop member has a sweet personality. What’s more, even if Yoongi seemed lethargic and stubborn, he truly wants to be treasured most especially by the KPop members.

10 Reasons to Love Bangtans' Suga


  1. He is stylish

There is no doubt, lots of people love Min Yoongi’s fashion style. As a matter of fact, he knows how to blend and match his clothing making you want to use his clothes.

  1. Suga possess a bad boy image

It is essential to admit that the majority of us have felt enticed by Suga’s bad boy image that he usually shows in his videos. However, his image doesn’t reflect his overall personality. Meaning to say, he’s is not actually a bad boy and this is one of the many reasons to love Min Yoongi.

  1. He has a very sweet smile

For Suga, his most assertive expression is his sweet and simple smile. Troubled expression and blow kiss are very difficult for him. In fact, he’s more confident and comfortable with his simple smile. As a result, he’s able to show it more rapidly.

For this talented guy, happiness is doing what you really want to do, listening to the songs you want to hear, singing the music you want to sing, and eat foods you want to eat. If Suga does not like a particular thing he is frank about it all the time. But when he really likes something, he’s ardent about it.

  1. Suga looks beautiful as a lady

Another reason to love Suga is that he can pull off both a girl and a boy character. With Yoongi’s sweet smile, tantalizing eyes, beautiful legs, and pale skin, there is no reason for a feminine Suga to be prettier than you. His face, on the other hand, is as beautiful as fresh flowers while his cuteness is indeed spilling over which makes your heart explodes.

But nevertheless, keep in mind that KPop’ swag master will not perish with girly garments as well as costumes.

10 Reasons to Love Bangtans' Suga


  1. Min Yoongi is the true meaning of swag

According to a certain dictionary, swag is a colloquial term for chic confidence. So if that is the case, then no one can beat the ultimate swagger of KPop. As a matter of fact, whether he is on the hyper mode or just laying around you will see that Yoongi is Yoongi, and more importantly, he cannot be anybody else simply because he’s very confident about himself. Apart from that, Suga does not need to change even a single thing just to make himself look like perfect.

  1. He is a talented person

Apart from being a genius, songwriter, record producer, and singer, this KPop member also loves cooking and in fact, his most wanted food is meat.

In addition to that, Min Yoongi has a solid passion for photography and he loves electronics, cameras, and other accessories.

  1. Suga is brutally honest with his lyrics

The first thing that will make you fall in love with KPop is the lyrics of their songs or music most especially “Tomorrow”.

Suga, on the other hand, has already produced and wrote a few songs for his band, Comeback Trailer. Let Me Know, Jump, or Danger for instance. When writing a song, Suga actually puts his entire passion as well as his soul. As a matter of fact, the song lyrics bring out what type of person Suga is. They are so meaningful and deep, and they will honestly tell you the brutal truth.

10 Reasons to Love Bangtans' Suga


As you can see there are lots of reasons to love Suga or Min Yoongi. Though he looks like a bad boy, deep inside he is a talented and good-looking person who knows how to wear a sweet smile and have a big heart not only for his co-members but to other people as well.

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Curniya johnson
February 15, 2020

Suga is so cute 😍💕❤️ I love him

July 28, 2020

my bias is suga.i’m dying when i seeing him with his gummy smile💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

Pastel g
November 9, 2020

U forget something! His voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 7, 2020

I LOVE U SUGA and he is 2.1% of becoming my ult bias because Jhope is my ult bias right now

Pramila gurung
December 21, 2020

Always love you suga 💖💖💖💜you are amazing singer. You are so cute adorable person that I ever had seen in the world. 💜💜💜love you and I wish I could meet you……..

January 8, 2021

I love you suga

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