Almost all young people loved the Korean series, movies, and music. We may have different languages and cultures, but it is not a hindrance to idolized the Korean actors, actresses, and singers. Many of the Korean fans tried to study their language and also practices to write their alphabets. They also inspired by the fashion styles of the Koreans.

Others also love Korean music, even though sometimes they cannot understand what music is all about. They are after the melody, the steps of dance music, and the singers. Mostly, the fans of Korean music or K-pop are girls who really appreciate the beauty, looks, and talent of the members of the group.

There are so many K-pop groups like Momo Land, Black Pink, Red Velvet, Girl’s Generation, BTOB, EXO, and BTS.

One of the famous Korean boy band now is the BTS. They have 7 members, namely V, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga. All of the mention names are just stage the name of the members.

One of the members is V, his name is Kim Tae-Hyung. Aside from being a singer, he is also a songwriter and an actor in their country, South Korea.

Of all the 7 members of the BTS boy band, Tae-Hyung is the most popular. I can see many fans cheering for Tae-hyung when the BTS band is mentioned.

Why is Tae-Hyung, a BTS band member, become so lovely?


Here are the 10 reasons

  1. His Profile

All fans are searching for the background of their idol which makes them fall in love deeper to their idol.

And the profile of V is the below list.

  • Kim Taehyung is his real name and V is just a stage name. He said V stands for Victory.
  • Daegu is his home town.
  • Born on December 30, 1995
  • Nicknames are TaeTae and Blank Tae.
  • Cute habits are leaving his mouth open, biting his nails, and saying “apa” and “eomma”
  • Favorite colors are white, black, and green.
  • Plays saxophone
  • He wants his first love to be the last, marry her, and be with her forever.
  • The greatest inspiration is his father, he wants to be just like his father in the future.
  • Scared of the ghost, fear of heights and can’t touch gross things.
  1. Lovely voice and handsome look. Perfect!

He is really matched being in the BTS boy band. Because whatever song he sings, he is putting emotion in there. He has a round and big voice which sounds so manly. And he may not be the main vocalist in their group, but his voice is stunning out because it is different and unique.

Fans are wishing for him to sing more lines in their future songs.

  1. Acting skills are brilliant

Aside from being a fan of K-pop groups, some are also Kdrama fans. And you will feel so proud to Taehyung for being part of Kdrama which is the “Hwarang: The Beginning”. He portrayed the role of the youngest student, named Hansung.

It is a dream came true for V to act in a Series. Because aside from being a singer he really wants to be an actor. As a first-time actor. He already surprises his fans for he did a great job in their series.


  1. Dub smash king of BTS

Before being an actor in the Hwarang, he already becomes an actor in the social media by doing Dub smash. His partner in dub smash is Jungkook.

Well, thanks to dub smash. Because V practice his acting skills, even though he only does lip-sync and even just on his phone. And fans are also thankful for dub smash because they watched how enthusiasm, Taehyung in acting.

  1. A big circle of friend

He is so friendly. Aside from being friends with his co-members in BTS he already develops a friendship with his co-stars in Hwarang. He also has a friend which is a member of another k-pop group, Yook Sungjae of BTOB and Suho of EXO. He met most of his friends in the music shows.

  1. He has a soft heart for children and the elderly.

He loves children. And he respects the elders so much. That’s why fans love him so much because aside from being boyfriend material, he is also a father material too. He is close to the children and looks like a caring father when he carries a baby.

No doubt, he can catch so many fans because of his personality.


  1. Real Genius

I will give you two situations which will prove that V is a genius.

The first one is in a talk show where BTS members are guests. In the show, they ask a question “How they will know if the strawberries are ripe already” and they give them a choice “thru strawberry seeds or strawberry stem” then V answered, that according to his grandmother you will know if the strawberries are ripe if the stem is flipped upward. A real genius, right?

Another situation is, the group will be having a flight and yet they prank V. They hide one of the bags of V. He is very worried because the important thing is in that bag. But then, after a few minutes, V realize that he was just fell into a prank, but he didn’t let them know that he already knows he was pranked. He was genius enough to handle that situation.

  1. Sweet smile

Whether Taehyung is smiling or not, he still looks handsome. But then it is still different looking at him while he is smiling. It was like nothing is wrong and nothing I should be worried about.

  1. Fashion style

He is good in a fashion style. Anything he wears looks perfect. You can notice it, especially when you really are a fan of Taehyung. If he wears casual, you’ll feel a normal person vibe and if he wears a suit, you will feel gentleman vibe.

He is handsome in every angle and in anything he will wear.

  1. Personality

You can see different personality on and off the stage. When he is singing, you’ll fall in love with his cool performance and serious but appealing looks. And when off the stage you’ll notice his jolliness, clumsiness, and naughty personality.


Final thought

He is famous for his unique behavior, irresistible cuteness, and for being such a perfect one. You’ll really fall in love with his character, appearance, and personality.

But if you really a fan of him, you need no reason you love him.

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February 18, 2020

So I want to say him how much I 💜him…😊😊😊

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