10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS

Korean produces exceptional talents that now known not just in Korea but also in other countries. Korean Pop Icons are famous because of their outstanding performance, high fashion style, and gorgeous faces.

South Korea produces many K-Pop artists and K-Pop groups creating big names in the music industry. There are K-Pop stars like PSY with his famous song Gangnam Style that become a big hit, the female groups Blackpink and Momoland that performed in different countries, and the male groups like EXO, BigBang, and the most popular male group the BTS that achieved many musical awards in past years.

This K-Pop idols step up not just in the music industry but also include in most beautiful faces around the world. They are idolized by many fans because of their individual style, golden voices, and dance moves. K-Pop idols are expert in pleasing their fans, this is why Korean Pop idols captivate the hearts of many people. Even they are in the same groups their individual personality still stands out like J-Hope of the group BTS which also known as Bangtan Boys. J-Hope is one of the seven members of BTS, including Jungkook, Suga, Jin, Jimin, RM, and V. J-Hope’s real name is Jung Ho-Seok and born in Gwangju, South Korea. He is known to be energetic, the source of laughter in his group, and his charisma that charmed his fans.

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS 5

Let’s find out the 10 reasons why J-hope is called the sweetheart of BTS.

  1. J-Hopes Personality

J-hope born in February year 1994, that month described to be the heart month and maybe the reason why he is full of love. His colleague witnesses his bubbly personality and his good heart. They appreciate his sweetness and the way he taking care of everyone. He is funny and friendly. One of the articles of Korean fans stated that J-hope’s personality types are outgoing, loyal, organized, trustworthy and friendly that makes his fans love him so much.

  1. Inborn leadership

One of the BTS interviews about J-Hope, Jin stated that J-Hope has extraordinary leadership. He motivates his co-member and helps them to improve their performance. J-hope also has a positive energy that influences his members to practice more. He also enlightens them in every hard situation. Even he is not the leader of the group he makes sure to help in his simple and remarkable way. This inborn leadership of J-hope gives impact to the group to continue provides excellent performance which one of the reasons why BTS reaches its stardom.

  1. Famous in dancing

Dance is a reflection of soul and emotion. J-Hope skill in dancing is well known in his hometown, Gwangju. Even if he is not yet part of the BTS group, J-Hope makes a name in the dance industry. One of his interviews, he reveals that he before a former member of underground dancers named Neuron. He won various local dance prizes and also become the first place in the 2008 National Dance Competition. His achievements prove his passion for dancing.

This passion continue when he started to be a part of now the most famous K-Pop male Group BTS. Despite being famous he remains humble and thoughtful to everyone. The BTS director and choreographer Son Seong Duek said BTS dance skills improve in over past years. They practice 10 times in a day, and sometimes members become tired and frustrated but J-Hope cheers them a lot and gives strength to his member.

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS 5

  1. His Generosity

J-Hope’s heart is felted with love. One of the reports on February 18, 2019, J-Hope donated 100 Million Korean Won to Child Fund Korea which provides financial help to some students studying in his Alma Matter in Gwangju. He organized a charitable donation on the day of his 25th birthday to raise a fund for the adoption of 37 squirrels for Saving Scottish Red Squirrels. He is not just a talented individual but also generous mankind.

  1. J-Hope’s Nicknames

Because of his jolly personality, J-Hope has a funny and different kind of nicknames depending on his mood. Hobi is the most commonly called J-Hope nickname by his colleague. He called Hobi because even J-Hope is not the most aegyo or cute to the group he still looks adorable and takes first place in aegyo ranking on Idol party. They find it cute to call him Hobi. He also called J-Dope whenever he makes cool moves especially in dancing or in freestyle performance, J-Horse, J-Nope, and many to mention.

  1. Passionate at work

Dancing is what J-Hopes first love, his passion drives her to work hard and achieve his dreams. He is not just a good dancer, he is also a rapper, songwriter and record producer. Despite a busy schedule with his co-member, his passion at work shows that he still manage to release the first solo mixtape Hope World that peaked in the Billboard 200 makes him the highest-charting first-ever Korean solo artist and received positive feedback to the fans.

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS 5

  1. Naughty little J-Hope

How video captures J-Hope’s naughtiness is the cutest. His wacky facial expression and quirky dance moves to make everyone laugh so hard. J-Hopes’ outgoing personality makes him the best companion by his colleague. He doesn’t even care to kiss and hug V in a TV guesting. And one of the evidence of J-Hopes naughtiness is when the group on their way Los Angeles he takes a video on challenging his co-member to speak in English ending up teasing Jimin by his confidence suddenly fell when J-Hope asks him. He makes their trip less hassle because of his jokes and funny facial expression.

  1. J-Hope “I’m your hope”

J-Hope famous line introduction “I’m your hope” will never get old. He always said this especially when they mentioned him or when they calling his name. This becomes his trademark that suits his personality for giving joy and hope not just to the group but also to his fans.

  1. Evil Cuteness of J-Hope

Despite his angelic smile and bright eyes this 25 years old, J-Hope has a small amount of evilness. How he makes his co-member annoying and upset by his simple evil plans is cute. He really likes playing jokes and making fun of his co-member with his gestures and plans. Jimin revealed some of his encounters with J-Hope like when J-Hopes waking him up asking to play with him and the little massage evil plan.

10 Reasons Why J-hope Is the Sweetheart of BTS 5

  1. The Sweetheart of BTS

He is the source of energy vitamins and laughter of the group. J-Hope is described by his co-member as an amazing person, a true friend, and the clingiest member. For V, J-Hope is a friend you can count on especially in a time of frustration and in need. J-Hope continuing his purpose to give hope and joy to everyone.

This BTS Sweetheart will continue to be loved and support by all the ARMY’s all over the world because of his sweet personality and a good heart that marks in the heart of everyone. Spread the love for our sunshine, J-Hopes.

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Mia Shin
November 30, 2019

I love J hope like who does not love him .He is the best I just wish that I could meet him 😍😍😍😍.J HOPE AM YOUR HOPE ❣️❣️♥️♥️

January 28, 2020


February 15, 2020

Jhope the golden hyung is a sweetheart indeed. a beautiful person😇

February 17, 2020

I saw something different in him than the other members other members and thats what made me fall in love…😍💜 He is the hope of every army…

February 20, 2020

J-Hope is a funny, bubbly, and encouraging person. I admire these qualities in him. He’s also a wonderful dancer!

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