BTS – Bangtan Boys in the K-Pop Industry

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan, 방탄소년단 literally meaning “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”), also identified as Bangtan Boys, is the number one name in the K-Pop industry. As one of the band members, J-Hope says the name implies the group’s hope “to block out stereotypes, judgments, and expectations that point at adolescents like bullets” They earned worldwide recognition on Billboard Music Awards as the Top Social Artist of the Year, defeating Justin Bieber’s 4 years of consecutive victories. And they are the only K-Pop group to be nominated in on Billboard Music Awards. Their nomination as the Top Social Artist raised their popularity not only in South Korea and Asia but also throughout the world. In the group participate 7 attractive, talented, and enthusiastic members, with Rap Monster as their leader. Their debut was on June 13, 2013, and since then the band has won 47 awards with 75 nominations, making them the most victorious boy bands in K-Pop history.

BTS – Bangtan Boys in the K-Pop Industry

Members & Position:

RM (formerly Rap Monster, real name: Kim Nam-Joon, born September 12, 1994) – Leader, Main Rapper, Songwriter, and record producer.

Jin (real name: Kim Seok-Jin, born December 4, 1992) – Vocalist, Visual, Songwriter. He is the oldest group member.

Suga (real name: Min Yoon-Gi, born March 9, 1993) – Lead Rapper, Songwriter, and record producer.

J-hope (stylized as j-hope) (real name: Jung Ho-Seok, born February 18, 1994) – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Songwriter, and record producer.

Jimin (real name: Park Ji-Min, born on October 13, 1995) – Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Songwriter.

V (real name: Kim Tae-Hyung, born December 30, 1995) – Vocalist, Songwriter, Actor.

Jungkook (real name: Jeon Jung-kook, born September 1, 1997) – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center/ Face of the Group, Golden Maknae

Interesting, Fun And Special facts About BTS


V likes to cut his garments.

Jungkook sleeps with a lot of pillows. Other members say: “He always took our pillows!”

V better likes if you call him as ‘V.’ If you call him as ‘Taehyung’ he will act so seriously that you will think he is mad.

Suga usually takes care of an ill member.

V reads a book when he can’t fall asleep. Reading makes him slow and sleepy.


Once Suga said that he is not too interested in Kpop girl groups.

Taehyung likes to talk to the fridge when he is hungry.

When V will have children he will name them Taeguk (girl) and Taekwon (boy).

A member who usually uses the bath the longest time is JungKook.

Maybe once Suga will change his mind but now he doesn’t want marriage and kids.


Rap Monster is so good at rap because he read a lot of books while writing lyrics. In that way, he increases his vocabulary.

Jin would steal Jimin’s abs if he could steal other members’ specialties.

Earlier JungKook was very shy, he didn’t want to sing in front of other people because of his sweet voice.

Rap Monster wrote lyrics while he was in school.

Other members say that Jimin is the best listener.


JungKook said he would date Jin if he were a girl.

Despite the fact that Jimin is in really good shape he calls himself a “pig” and thinks he is fat.

Jimin believes that group weakness is that they’re very noisy.

Suga loves quiet areas and places without people.

Suga would love to steal JungKook’s age.


V gives the best support and service during fan meetings.

V likes watching anime.

Jin loves Disney royalties and puppies.

RM usually ruins anything he touches – clothes, sunglasses, doorknobs, etc.

RM IQ is 148. He is very smart, he was listed in the top 1% of the country in his high school exams.


J-Hope dislikes to exercise/ work out.

J-Hope loves to take pictures because he thinks that’s the best way to store memories.

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