The Top 50 Best BTS Merch Items

We all love BTS and if you are a real fan you need BTS merch either it’s a BTS hoodie, jacket, pants, jewelry, backpack, phone case or anything else. If you still don’t own any and you can’t decide what you want then you are in the right place. I made this blog post to cover the top 50 best BTS merch items available in the market. OK, I don’t want to make a long introduction, let’s get to the BTS merchandise.

BTS Hoodies

Let’s start with the most popular BTS merch. And the most popular is the BTS hoodies. They are so beautiful, stylish and fancy. You can wear them all year and feel a connection with BTS everywhere you go. Our hoodies are unique, not sold in stores. We have a lot of various styles – standard casual hoodies, loose type hoodies, etc. I will cover here only 10 most popular but you can see them all on our website here.  

1. Exclusive BTS Off-Shoulder Hoodie

Exclusive BTS Off-Shoulder Hoodie

These are our most popular hoodies. These series hoodies are super stylish, very attractive. The hoodies are made of 2 parts – the central part and top part. Your shoulders will be naked. You can choose between black, grey and pink colors. Available all BTS members letter print hoodies – J-Hope hoodie, Jimin hoodie, Jin hoodie, Jung Kook hoodie, Rap Monster hoodie, Suga hoodie, V Hoodie hoodie. These hoodies are made of a comfy, soft cotton and polyester blend material. Hoodies have drawstrings to tighten hoodie opening. Available extra small and super large sizes.

2. BTS Love Hooded Sweatshirt for Women

BTS Love Hooded Sweatshirt for Women

These hoodies are very classic, suitable for all seasons, available in black, blue, white and pink colors. They have beautiful BTS logo print on the chest part and BTS member name and number print on the back. Choose your favorite – J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, Rap Monster, Suga or V hoodie. Made of soft and comfortable material. Hoodies have stylish front pockets.

3. BTS Love Yourself Hoodie

BTS Love Yourself Hoodies

These hoodies also are very classic, suitable for all seasons, available in black, blue, white, grey, red and pink colors. They have beautiful Love Yourself letter print on the chest part and BTS wings logo on the back. Made of soft, comfy and cozy fabric. Hoodies have stylish front pockets. Available super small and very large sizes.

4. Kpop BTS Wings Loose Hoodie

Kpop BTS Wings Loose Hoodie

These hoodies are unique, they don’t have regular sleeves – the form is different, more like a free sleeves type. Also, the colors are different than usual, we use yellow and green for these hoodies. Each hoodie has small Wings logo on the left part of the chest and large BTS member name on the back with the number. Hoodies are modern, they have drawstrings and front pockets. 100% Unique design – not sold in shops. Made of light and comfy fabric – pleasant touch to the skin.

5. BTS Love Yourself Off-Shoulder Hoodie

BTS Love Yourself Off-Shoulder Hoodie [3 colors]

These hoodies are similar as Exclusive BTS Off-Shoulder Hoodies – super chic, very charming, made of 2 parts – the central part and top part. Your shoulders will be naked. Available black, grey and pink colors. The only difference is print on the front and back. In this collection, we have Love Yourself letter print drawings in various styles, BTS logo prints also various sizes and styles. Click the button above to check them all.

6. BTS Dinosaur Hoodie

BTS Dinosaur Hoodie

These the most special and different hoodies you will ever find anywhere. They are so adorable and cute – go anywhere and everyone will stare at you. Available dark orange and light orange colors with blue color dinosaur style sleeves. These goodies will give you 100% comfort, uniqueness, and joy. These dinosaur style hoodies have a beautiful BTS logo on the chest and naked back. Individual design – not sold in shops, 20 charming dinosaur designs to choose from, click the button above to shop now.

7. Kpop BTS Warm Pullover Hoodie

Kpop BTS Warm Pullover Hoodie

Unique color BTS hoodies are so great – fresh design, great lines. These hoodies will fit with all the garments you wish to wear. One of the comfiest hoodies we have, it is also very warm, made of cotton and polyester fabric. If you want this hoodie, click the button above because the only place where to buy it is our store. We provide a lot of colors and designs – everyone will find the one that fits for them.

8. Blue Pullover BTS Hoodie



Blue Pullover BTS Hoodie

Another awesome BTS merch here. Very likely colors, individual design, very gracious hoodies. Wear them to be fresh and cool. Each of these series hoodies mixes blue and white color, BTS logo from one side and BTS member name print on the rear part. Hoodies have cool drawstrings to tighten the hood opening. Also, these hoodies are sold only on our store, they are comfy, pleasant touch to the skin, soft material.

9. BTS Oversized Loose Pullover Hoodie

BTS Oversized Loose Pullover Hoodie

Another unique hoodies collection. We made these special for oversized people, they are very large, loose type pullover hoodies. Due to the form, these BTS hoodies are very comfortable, made of soft, pleasant material. Hoodies have cute BTS logo in front and nothing on the back. Available 4 colors to choose from and each color has 5 design prints on them. If you have an oversized friend who loves BTS then here is a perfect gift.

10. BTS Striped Pullover Hoodie

BTS Striped Pullover Hoodie

If you want cute BTS merchandise then here are the cutest hoodies for you. These BTS Striped Pullover Hoodies are so adorable, charming, lovable, you will wear it 24 hours a day. They are not only cute but also very strong, durable and at the same time soft and comfy. Available various colors and total 25 various designs. Each hoodie comes with drawstrings and large front pockets.

BTS Sweatshirts

The next type of BTS merch I will cover in this article are BTS sweatshirts or sweaters. I know that many of you don’t like hoodies so sweatshirts are a great alternative. We have a lot of various styles, types, and designs made especially for you. Each sweatshirt is individual, they have awesome BTS logos, letter prints, and other designs. In this article I covered top 5 BTS sweatshirts, you can check them all here.

11. KPop BTS Sweater For Women

KPop BTS Sweater For Women

These sweatshirts are one of the most popular products in our store. They are very casual, look simple but elegant. We have a blue, pink, red, grey, khaki, navy, and black colors with BTS wings logo in front. Sweatshirts are very comfy, made of breathable and soft material – suitable all seasons, available various sizes. Here are a few phrases that our customers are saying – a sweatshirt is beautiful! The material is pretty thick and really nice to touch, Excellent very nice quality and more you can read clicking above button.

12. BTS Kpop Baseball Sweaters

BTS Kpop Baseball Sweaters

We call this a baseball sweatshirt because it looks like a sweatshirt from American sports movies. We have made 3 colors – black, grey and pink. Each sweatshirt has buttons closure so some of you may call it a jacket but we prefer to name it a sweater. Sweaters have BTS logo print on the chest and BTS member name print on the back. Sweaters are comfy, soft and very cozy. Suitable all seasons – winter or summer doesn’t matter.

13. BTS Love Yourself Capless Sweatshirts

BTS Love Yourself Capless Sweatshirts

Really cute, simple BTS sweater to wear in cold days. We have made it in pink, black, white, and grey colors. Sweaters have logos in front, on the back side, and on the sleeves. Take your ideal – J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, Rap Monster, Suga or V sweatshirt. Each has a unique name on it. Imagine how you walk in this sweatshirt in Christmas eve holding hot mulled wine in one hand and gingerbread in another one. How cool does it sound to you?

14. BTS Popular Kpop Sweatshirt

BTS Popular Kpop Sweatshirt

Another superb sweater for you to wear. These sweaters have beautiful colorful BTS member borth date year on the back together with the name. Imagine that you could be that woman in the picture sitting in the cafe and drinking the juice in BTS sweater. I bet everyone is staring at her.
The sweater is very soft and lovely. Available black, white and grey colors, all member name prints. Super small and super large sizes for your choice.

15. Bangtan Boys Kpop Winter Sweater

Bangtan Boys Kpop Winter Sweater

These are very unusual sweaters. They look fantastic with all other clothes. These BTS sweatshirts are superb quality, comfy, durable. Made of broadcloth material which is a very lightweight, smooth, flat looking textile, with no ornament in the weave of the fibers. Available white, red, black and grey colors altogether 26 various designs. Cute turtleneck collar. This is a must in your wardrobe.

BTS Bags and Backpacks

One of the most loved BTS merch by students are BTS bags and backpacks. And I can understand why. Our bags are so cool and various. Students usually use their backpacks all year so why should you wear one you don’t like? I wouldn’t. I would take BTS backpack. Imagine how jealous would be your classmates seeing you with BTS bag. We have various sizes backpacks – small ones for laptops, larger ones for books. All backpacks have a lot of pockets and secret sections. Some backpacks have luminous logos, some have a USB connector. Keep reading and check 5 most popular. Or click here to see them all.

16. BTS Students Bag

BTS Students Bag

This is our most popular backpack. It’s a very advanced bag with a lot of sections and pockets with zip-up closure. Available 2 styles BTS logos. The best is the USB connector built-in in this backpack. The backpack is very ergonomic, you can place books, laptop, and phone in it, it’s in a stylish black color. Have you ever seen anyone having it? Of course not, you will be the first if you will buy it buy pushing the button above.

17. Stylish BTS Backpack

Stylish BTS Backpack

Actually, nothing much to say here – you can see in the picture how fantastic this backpack looks. Take blue, pink, black or white color backpack – they all look gorgeous. These backpacks are very easy and comfortable to use, they have a lot of pockets for your needs with zip-up closure. Backpacks design is unique, you won’t find similar anywhere.

18. Moon Wood BTS Backpack

Moon Wood BTS Backpack

These backpacks have unique and stunning galaxy designs. Blue, grey, orange, and red – they all look fantastic. Backpacks are made of durable and long lasting nylon material. It’s waterproof. Perfect for students because there is a space for books and a laptop. The bag has a very soft handle, air cushion belt. Can you imagine yourself with this bag? I can.

19. Kpop BTS Luminous Backpacks

Kpop BTS Luminous Backpacks

One of my favorite BTS merch is this luminous backpack. With this bag, you don’t need reflector because your bag works as a reflector. We have 10 colors – black, space blue, blue, light blue, red, green, lighting, grey, and 2 colorful colors. Bags have awesome luminous BTS logo and A.R.M.Y. print text. The backpack is made of quality nylon material, ir has pockets with zip-up closure, space for books and other stuff. Comes with a soft handle and comfortable shoulder straps.

20. BTS Student Backpack

BTS Student Backpack

Funny letter print Backpack. Very cute pink and blue colors. If you are jealous that someone else loves BTS more than you then you need this BTS backpack. A backpack has zip-up closure pockets and secret sections, handy handle and comfy shoulder straps.

BTS Jewelry

BTS jewelry is another way to show love to BTS band. You can wear jewelry all the time even when swimming, running, sleeping etc. Choose your favorite or get them all – earrings, necklaces, bracelets. offers all kind of BTS necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with BTS logos, member name prints etc. Some of them you can even use as a keychain. Here are the top 6 most popular. If you want to see them all click this word.

21. KPOP BTS ARMY Necklace


KPOP BTS ARMY Necklace is the most popular. It is a simple but adorable necklace. Made of high-quality zinc alloy. The metal is Lead-Free & Nickel-Free, harmless for your sensitive skin.
As you know ARMY stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. So with this necklace, you will always be together with the Bangtan Boys.

22. BTS Members Name Date Cuboid Bar Pendant Necklace

BTS Members Name Date Cuboid Bar Pendant Necklace

The name of this necklace may sound too weird and complicated but we couldn’t think a better title for it. The form is really simple but elegant. And the engraving is very beautiful. Each necklace is made of high-quality zinc alloy. The material is Lead-Free & Nickel-Free, harmless for sensitive skin. We have necklaces for each BTS band member. Pick your favorite – J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, Rap Monster, Suga or V name necklace. And each necklace has also BTS member birth date.

23. BTS Titanium Steel Rings

BTS Titanium Steel Rings

Available only one size with diameter 20mm so please sorry if you don’t fit for this size. You can use this ring as a necklace, you just need a chain. The ring is smooth, clean and beautiful. Available engravements with all BTS members and also their birthdays. All are unique and not sold anywhere else so you definitely will be the star between your friends.

24. Romantic BTS Bracelet [12 Designs]

Romantic BTS Bracelet

As the title says it’s a romantic bracelet. You can buy 2 and give second to your best friend. Imagine how beautiful it would be to wear the same BTS necklace with your friend. Bracelet is very fashionable, elegant. Manufactured of natural stone and acrylic beads. Available 12 various colors and designs bracelets. Click the link above to see more details about these bracelets.

25. KPOP BTS V Earrings

KPOP BTS V Earrings

Popular and beautiful earrings. They are made of high-quality zinc alloy, harmless material. Earrings are stud type. Don’t know what to tell about them – they are simple, beautiful. Try them.

BTS Phone cases

We all have mobile phones and some even more than one. And almost everyone uses phone cases because of the various reasons. One of them is to make the phone more beautiful, more individual. Another reason is to safe phone from scratches. Our BTS phone cases will do both. We have a lot of various designs for all iPhone and Samsung models. And we will add more for Huawei, Meizu, Xiaomi and other phones soon. So stay tuned. Here are few of our amazing phone cases.

26. BTS Bangtan Boys Cases for iPhone [25 Styles]

BTS Bangtan Boys Cases for iPhone

Only for iPhone models. More than 25 beautiful designs, styles, and colors. Phone cases are made of hard plastic, half-wrapped type. With these BTS phone cases, your iPhone will look adorable, your phone will be unique and cute. Your iPhone will be safe from scratches, shockproof, and dirt.

27. BTS Kpop Music Phone Cases for Apple iPhone [All Members]

BTS Kpop Music Phone Cases for Apple iPhone

Special black series BTS iPhone cases with 12 various designs. Choose your bias phone case – all are available. Choose your favorite – J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jung Kook, Rap Monster, Suga or V Glass iPhone case. Made of hard plastic material, very pleasant to touch, will guard your iPhone from dirt and scratches.

28. BTS Samsung Phone Cases [18 Styles]

BTS Samsung Phone Cases

Here are the most popular BTS phone cases for Samsung phones. Available 18 various designs and colors to choose from. Made of hard plastic scrub material – very comfortable feel when touching.

BTS T-shirts

T-shirts also called tees are in every people’s wardrobe nowadays. Trends are changing from time to time and now one of the most popular are BTS t-shirts. BTS T-shirts are usually made of a stretchy, soft and economical material and are simple to clean. We have a lot of various designs BTS tees – standard style, unique loose type, cropped and more. They all are fantastic and you can check them here but in this article only the top 5 most popular BTS tees.

29. BTS Kpop Cotton Shirt

BTS Kpop Cotton Shirt

We made this BTS Kpop Cotton Shirt as an experiment but it came out the most popular t-shirt in our store. Available pink, white, black, with a hoodie, without a hoodie. They all look fantastic and I can imagine every woman wearing one of these. The shirts are made of quality cotton, they’re a clean, pure, breathable.

30. BTS DNA Short Sleeve T-shirt

BTS DNA Short Sleeve T-shirt

One of our latest designs and already one of the most popular tees. Available black and white colors and each t-shirt has BTS member name on the back. Choose among J-Hope T-shirt, Jimin T-shirt, Jin T-shirt, Jung Kook T-shirt, Rap Monster T-shirt, Suga T-shirt, V Hoodie T-shirt.

T-shirts are made of quality cotton and polyester blend fabric. T-shirts are very strong, comfortable, stretchy and long-lasting.

31. BTS Kpop Comfortable Tees

BTS Kpop Comfortable Tees

Another beautiful design standard t-shirt. Available black and white colors with all BTS member name prints. All tees are comfy, stretchy, soft. I think it’s a must for BTS fans.

32. Casual BTS K-pop Tee Shirt

Casual BTS K-pop Tee Shirt

Very casual t-shirts, black and white colors. Cute BTS logo on the front and BTS member name on the back. Very simple but elegant. Can wear with all kind of garments. Made of cotton and polyester – breathable, soft, comfy material. Every BTS fan should have one of these.

33. Harajuku Fashion BTS T-Shirt [27 Colors]

Harajuku Fashion BTS T-Shirt

Harajuku Fashion BTS T-Shirt is a very unique collection with more than 20 designs. In the collection, you will find various interesting BTS letter editions, Love Yourself print, ARMY print and more. Each design is unique and not sold in stores. Shirts are made of quality polyester and cotton blend fabric – soft, comfortable and durable.

Shirts are unique because of the half sleeve style – looks different and adorable, feels even better.

BTS Headwear

Definitely a niche worth attention. If you don’t like to or you don’t wear hats now is the time to start wearing them because our designs are so amazing. Either it’s a hot summer or cold winter day we have styles for both. Check all styles available here.

34. BTS Iron Ring Snapback Hats

BTS Iron Ring Snapback Hats

The most popular are BTS Iron Ring Snapback Hats. They are a simple design but elegant with a ring on it. Available white, pink and black colors. Hats are made of quality cotton and polyester blend fabric. You don’t have to worry if your head is too big or small because the hat size is adjustable for everyone.

35. Hip-hop BTS Style Baseball Cap

Hip-hop BTS Style Baseball Cap

Very popular baseball cap between Hip-Hop fans because of the design. As I can see also BTS fans love this style. The hat is high-quality, available black and red colors with beautiful BTS logo in front. Size is adjustable so everyone can wear. Pair it with our BTS hoodies and sweatshirts for a complete look.

36. Winter BTS Hat

Winter BTS Hat

Either it’s winter or just cold weather outside, with our Winter BTS Hat you will be OK. Made of knitting wool it’s very warm and cozy. The hat is adjustable for everyone.

37. Letter BTS Star Cap

Letter BTS Star Cap

My personal favorite design is Letter BTS Star Cap. Pick between 3 designs, they all are astonishing. BTS letter print in front and band picture on the nail. Made of quality polyester and cotton fabric and acrylic design elements. Size is adjustable for everyone.

BTS Jackets

BTS Jackets is so good merch. No 2 similar designs, each are individual and special. We have denim jackets and cotton jackets, warm and thick jackets and thin summer jackets, button closure, and zip-up closure jackets. Whichever you choose to where they are incredibly good looking. Here are top 5 but you can see them all here.

38. BTS Women Lace Zipper Jacket

BTS Women Lace Zipper Jacket

This jacket is for a warm summer evening. It’s lace design make it look delightful and charming. Black and white colors available. Zip-up closure to close it fast. The jacket is very soft, comfy, unique.

39. BTS Zip-Up Winter Hooded Jacket [3 colors]

BTS Zip-Up Winter Hooded Jacket

BTS Zip-Up Winter Hooded Jackets are super cozy, soft and warm. 3 colors – blue, black and gray. each color available with all BTS member name print on the back. The jacket is so warm that you even don’t need anything extra to wear on it or underneath it. Jacket has a drawstring to adjust the hoodie opening, large front pockets.

40. BTS Bangtan Boys Jacket [All Members]

BTS Bangtan Boys Jacket

This jacket reminds me of a high school. It’s made of dense, plain woven cloth, very resistant and durable material. Available 3 colors- black, pink, and gray, each has all BTS members name prints on the back. Easy zip-up closure – simple and fast.

41. BTS Denim Jacket [All Members]

BTS Denim Jacket

Very casual denim jacket, very stylish and good-looking. Made of 100% cotton, available all BTS member name print designs. Jacket has buttons closure, 2 nice pockets on chest. Overall a fantastic simple jacket to wear with all kind of garments.

42. BTS Winter Zip Up Hoodie-Jacket

BTS Winter Zip Up Hoodie-Jacket

BTS Winter Zip Up Hoodie-Jacket is our most warm, handy, enjoyable jacket. Choose between black, gray, white, blue, or pink colors. Looks very large but because of the quality broadcloth material jacket is lightweight. Jacket has very warm inside material – pleasant to the skin. Zip-up closure.

Other popular BTS Merch

Not all BTS merch can be put into a category. We have a lot of other wonderful BTS merchandise, for example, pajamas, clocks, keychains, army bomb lights, bottles, gloves and more. Each is unique.

43. BTS Long Pajamas

BTS Long Pajamas

One of our all-time best sellers is these BTS BT21 Long Pajamas. Each pajama is made as a persona designed by BTS. For example RM – Koya, Jin – RJ, Jimin – Chimmy etc. Pajamas are made of cotton material, they are breathable, comfortable material for sleeping.

44. BTS LED Clock Alarm

BTS LED Clock Alarm

BTS LED clock is a unique product with 8 various designs. The clock is high-quality, it shows not only time but also date, week and temperature. Imagine how beautiful it would look in your room on your table. Each time when you want to know how much time it is, you see BTS and remember how cool band they are and how much you love them.

45. BTS Official Concert Army Bomb Light

BTS Official Concert Army Bomb Light

One of the best products isn’t it? Who doesn’t adore Bangtan Bombs, right? Our Army Bomb has several light tones, powers with AAA batteries. Choose between flashing or dimming or continuous light it’s up to you. If you think that this BTS official light stick ver.2 is old you can choose our new BTS Concert VER.3 Army Bomb Light Stick.

46. BTS BT21 Pencil Case

BTS BT21 Pencil Case

Just a cute pencil case with BTS logos. Available black and red colors. Great for school or home use. Great as a pencil, pens and other stuff storage. Zipper closure – safe, nothing can disappear.

47. BTS Frosted Glass Bottle

BTS Frosted Glass Bottle

Fantastic glass bottle with 2 simple designs and 8 unique designs for each BTS member. The bottle is very practical, it has a rubber handle. Capacity is 350ml. Imagine yourself in the gym with this bottle. Everyone is staring and thinking where did she/he get that bottle? I want it too.

48. BTS Winter Luminous Half-finger Gloves

BTS Winter Luminous Half-finger Gloves

So sad if you live in warm countries, you are missing one awesome product then. BTS Winter Luminous Half-finger Gloves are so cute and adorable, they are super warm and cozy. Available 6 cute designs to choose from. I can’t imagine a better gift for your friend in winter. Made of soft cotton and nylon blend fabric.

49. BTS Zipper Card Wallet

BTS Zipper Card Wallet

Very cute BTS wallet with 19 designs and colors, very handy, perfect size. Zip-up closure, a lot of space for cards and a separate pocket for money. I think every woman would love this wallet.

50. Exclusive BTS Large Earphones

Exclusive BTS Large Earphones

Another unique BTS merch. Who doesn’t love to use earphones while running, driving on the bus or train, anywhere? I bet you love. And with our headphones, you can do that with a style. BTS Headset Earphones for MP3, MP4, Computer, Mobile phone, and iPad with a common connection. That’s so wonderful – you can listen to BTS newest album with BTS earphones how great is that?

Final Word

Hope you enjoyed our best BTS merch list. It’s our pleasure to offer you only the best BTS products. Take care and check our other blog posts below or start shopping now.

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