Why does BTS still release songs on SoundCloud?

Why does BTS still release songs on SoundCloud

Why does BTS still release songs on SoundCloud?

It’s no denying that Korean boy group BTS has had massive success globally starting from 2017! Since the end of December, the guys from BTS have released solo tracks on the free streaming platform SoundCloud for their fans to enjoy. It all started with member Jimin’s release of his self-composed song “Promise” followed a few weeks later by Jungkook’s rendition of IU’s song “Ending Scene” and a few weeks back, member V released a track titled “Scenery”.

BTS has been utilizing the platform since before their debut. SoundCloud is known for being a music social site allowing virtually anybody to post audio in any length in a matter of seconds and has the ability to be shared and streamed globally.

Here are some possible reasons BTS utilizes the platform still to this day:

  • BTS is humble and feels that they have reached their peak so it’s only right to give it back to their fans to thank them for their support over the years! BTS is aware of their status and remembers its roots. As stated in an interview with dazeddigital.com “Popularity is a bubble. It’s a mountain, you can go really hard but walk down really fast.” – Kim Namjoon 2017


  •  BTS wants to express their passion for music through their voice without the label telling them what they “have” to put out.  If you’ve ever watched any behind the scenes videos of the guys of BTS, then you would see just how much passion and energy they put into recording and putting on a great show. Some moments have shown members being on the verge of passing out or being sick but still giving their 100% on the stage. On numerous occasions, BTS has said that they are here doing what they do because they have something to say.

Why does BTS still release songs on SoundCloud

  •  BTS wants to show that they’re NOT in it for the money. It’s no denying that BTS is probably loaded with money after their global success, But BTS does not brag about it. While American celebrities tend to show off their riches through expensive houses and luxury cars, BTS has remained humble by either not investing inexpensive things or just simply keeping it to themselves rather than bragging.


  •  SoundCloud is accessible worldwide! It’s a possibility that some fans are unable to watch BTS’s music videos or hear their songs in some parts of the world due to copyright laws and restrictions. Some countries have stricter copyright rules which do NOT allow certain videos and songs to be viewable or listened to in certain regions of the world.


  • SoundCloud has social networking features that YouTube lacks. SoundCloud works similarly to Twitter and Facebook with repost and like buttons and of course the more reposts, the more people it reaches. Soundcloud allows its users to pin a comment at certain parts of an audio clip, allowing users to better engage with the content. The platform also has ‘like’ buttons which save a song to a special folder so people can go back to a track easier or create playlists. The report feature allows users to ‘repost’ or re-share the audio with their own followers, therefore, allowing it to reach a broader audience.


  • It keeps BTS fans occupied while waiting for their next comeback!

Why does BTS still release songs on SoundCloud

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